Cocktail du jour: The French Fizzy

This evening I had a cocktail conundrum.  You see, my lovelies, I bought a bottle of booze based merely on the pretty label. It turns out, Lillet is a French aperitif made of white Bordeaux wines and orange liqueur.  How bad could that possibly be, right? Mixed with a little gin, a touch of citrus and a bit of bubbly tonic water, the "French Fizzy" is a most delicious late summer cocktail featuring the lovely Lillet.

-1 part gin
-1 part Lillet blanc
-1 part fresh orange juice
-tonic water
-squeeze of lime
  1. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add gin, Lillet and orange juice.  Shake until well chilled.
  2. Pour mixture into glass over ice. 
  3. Add a squeeze of lime and top with tonic water.  


  1. PinkFrenchie,

    I think you should write a book of cocktails with appetizers or amuse-bouches as the French say.

    Your PinkFrenchie cocktail is a favorite of the ladies at book club.

  2. Lily, Lillet . . . love the name.
    Just went out and bought it.

    Maybe design a Pink Lillet cocktail to go with your Flowers for Friday?


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