Breakfast in Bed: Chocolate-Banana Oatmeal

Sometimes before I go to sleep, I put my hair in a side-braid and pretend that when I wake up, my maid will have brought me tea and eggs in little egg cups and toast all on a tray with white linens.  You know, Downton Abbey style?  But, since I live instead with a harried husband and a precocious two-year-old and alas no lady's maid, I shall look for alternative means of having a delightful breakfast.

Though I did not languidly lounge in bed while eating this, I did allow myself a few minutes to savor this scrumptious breakfast treat as I kept half-an eye on my little one as she buzzed around the apartment. 

Here's how I made the oatmeal: I used Trader Joe's quick-cook steel cut oats and prepared four servings according to the instructions (or enough for two big people and one picky toddler-person).  To take the oatmeal to another level, I used half unsweetened vanilla coconut milk and half water.  Then after I dropped the oats into the boiling milk/water, I added two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and two tablespoons of agave.  To really send this oatmeal into another realm, I stirred in a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chunks just before serving.  I topped the mixture with diced bananas, shredded coconut and a drizzle of half & half.  

Enjoy with a big glass of milk and the pride that you just ate something decadent AND (mostly) good for you. 

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