At the Movies: Black and White

Recently, I've been exploring films that implement color effectively. I've examined green and red in films. Today, let's consider movie scenes that are nuanced with a black and white palette. Sometimes, an absence of color can be even more effective than a radiant rainbow of shades. There are no gray areas when you adorn your characters in black and white.
  • Something's Gotta Give
  • To Catch a Thief
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  • Under the Tuscan Sun
  • My Fair Lady
  • Sabrina
  • It's Complicated
  • Coco avant Chanel
  • The Wizard of Oz

1 comment:

  1. Fun to rent DVDs & listen to director RE choice of color for costuming or background. In The Shopgirl, the director actually kept changing the green hues of the walls of Mirabelle's (Claire Danes) apartment to reflect her different moods. The musical score does this. Why not color?


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